Car Vending Machine Opens in the Bay Area

Posted By on May 11, 2022

Giant 8-Story Car Vending Machine Opens in the Bay Area

The Gateway to the Peninsula is unlocking car buying excitement in the Bay Area. Carvana proudly announces the opening of their Daly City Car Vending Machine, the fourth of its kind in California, which is set to serve a community of over 4.7 million residents!

Like many of the other Car Vending Machines that Carvana has launched in the past, customers at their new Daly City, California Car Vending Machine can expect to see the same kind of striking design and functionality that was introduced at the launch of their very first Car Vending Machine location in Nashville in November 2015. The new Daly City Car Vending Machine is eight stories tall and houses up to 27 vehicles, which are available for customers who purchase a vehicle online at

Upon arrival at the Daly City Car Vending Machine, the customer will be greeted by a Carvana Customer Advocate and receive a commemorative, oversized Carvana coin to activate the automated vending process. From there, Carvana customers get a front-row seat to watch their vehicle descend through the brightly lit all-glass tower. Once the customer’s vehicle is in the delivery bay, they are invited to take possession of their car, where they will have seven days to drive the car around town before ultimately deciding if the vehicle is right for them.

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