MUNI Update – Service Changes

Posted By on March 26, 2020

Dear Residents,

We just received the following update from SFMTA regarding service
changes effective on Monday, March 30th:

1. Subway service will be replaced with buses.
2. The following subway stations will be CLOSED: West Portal, Forest Hill, Castro, Church and Van Ness
3. Downtown stations (shared with BART) will be open during regular
BART service hours BUT there will be no SFMTA light rail running (so theMUNI sections will be shut)
4. Bus shuttles will run on all Muni Metro lines. They will use the same
stop locations as Early Morning Metro Bus Service.
Locations are here: Early Morning Metro Bus Service.
Shuttles will run at 10-12 minute frequency on weekdays; at 15-minutes
on weekends
5. GPS arrival times will be available on Nextbus for: JBus, KTBus, LBus, MBus, and NBus
6. Rapid Routes are discontinued — please use local services instead. The 14R is the only exception to this.

Starting Saturday, April 4th:

1. Weekend 47 service will be suspended. (Use route 49 which will be
extended to Fisherman’s Wharf on weekends)

As a reminder:

Mission Bay Shuttles continue to operate one bus on each route. There is ample room to maintain Social Distancing, so please don’t hesitate to use our service for essential trips between Mission Bay and transit hubs.
Our schedules for this Essential Service are at:

Stay healthy and safe during this time which, challenging as it may be, is ultimately one of our best defenses to contain COVID-19.

Thank you for reading!


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