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Thursday, March 12, 2020 – 5:00 PM
Mission Creek Senior Community
225 Berry Street – Creek Room
Please see attached map for location of projects

  1. Introductions – 5 minutes
  2. Information Item: COVID-19 Community Presentation – 15 minutes
    Description of Item: Update on the status of the Coronavirus and the City’s response.
    Presentation by City of San Francisco OEWD staff.
  3. Information Item: SFMTA Presentation on Mission Bay Streets – 10 minutes
    Description of Item: Update on current and future SFMTA projects in Mission Bay.
    Presentation by SFMTA staff.
  4. Action Item: 1450 Owens (41/43-7): Basic Concept / Schematic Design (BCSD) and Mission
    Bay South Project Document Amendments
    -25 minutes
    Description of Item: Discussion and recommendation on the Mission Bay South
    Redevelopment Plan, Owner Participation Agreement and Design for Development
    amendments to allow for the development of a mixed-use life sciences facility on Block
    41/43 parcel 7.
  5. Information Item: Temporary Use of Block 12W – 10 minutes
    Description of Item: Proposed temporary use of Block 12W for vaudeville/circus-themed
    dinner theater, with performances by local musicians, artists, and acrobats/dancers.
    Proposed run of show is late May to late July. Presentation by Vau De Vire performance
  6. Announcements and Updates – 15 minutes
     OCII
     MBDG
     Mission Bay Parks
  7. Chair Update – 5 minutes
  8. Public Comment (Persons wishing to address the members on non-agenda, but CAC
    related matters)
    – 5 minutes


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