Mission Bay Shuttle Update — Service Change for January 13, 2020

Posted By on January 7, 2020

Dear Madrone Residents,

The Mission Bay Shuttle stop locations at Civic Center and Powell stations are changing again.  In response to safety issues on 5th St, and Market Street becoming ‘car-free’ in the next couple of weeks, we’re relocating the Powell Station stop to 4th Street; the Civic Center stop to 7th just before Market.  We also added the 500 Howard St stop on Transbay route, in the Mission Bay-bound direction.  East, West, and Transbay routes all have slight timetable adjustments.  There are no changes to the CCA route.  

This change will be effective on Monday, January 13th.    New timetables are posted on the web under each route “effective January 13, 2020”.  Below is more information about the new stop locations:


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