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Posted By on March 22, 2019

The current EV chargers in use at Madrone have become obsolete as of April, 2019 due to Chargepoint’s decommissioning of 2G networked charging stations and will need to be replaced. At the last board meeting held on 02/27/19, the board approved the recommendation submitted by the EV Charger Replacement Committee with an implementation plan in two phases at no cost to the HOA and homeowners by taking advantage of a PG&E grant and guarantees issued by Powerflex:

1.    Phase 1: Immediate replacement of current eleven Chargepoint stations by Powerflex. The planned cutover date is Tuesday, 03/26/19.

2.    Phase 2: Installation of approximately 150+ EV charge stations to make EV charging available to most residents, subject to the physical limitations of the building and the approval of an energy grant from PG&E. We have been working diligently with PG&E and Powerflex, and hope to start this project later this year or in early 2020 at the latest, as soon as the PG&E grant is obtained. This is very exciting news, especially to current and/or future EV owners.

Residents who are currently assigned to a parking space with Chargepoint chargers will be contacted directly with detailed information on how to use the new PowerFlex units.

Please direct questions to Gina Gorman at (415) 558-1678.


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