HVAC Maintenance Tips

Posted By on August 22, 2016

Heating and air conditioning equipment seem to break down when you most need it on the coldest or hottest day of the year. There are some simple preventive maintenance, trouble shooting and techniques that can help keep the unit working properly.

  • It is very important to change your air filter as often as needed. Twice a year before summer and winter are a good time to change the filter depending on conditions and use. Every other or every three month can be needed. A higher efficiency filter with a MERV rating of nine (9) or higher may need to be changed more frequently at least every other or three months depending on conditions and use. Remove the old filter and install a new filter. Check the side of the filter for the air flow direction arrow before installing the filter.
  • Program your thermostat according to your schedule for when home and away for energy efficiency.
  • Check the thermostat if the unit is not heating or cooling to make sure it is on and is set a few degrees above for heat or below for air conditioning of the temperature displayed on the thermostat.
  • If condensation water is detected coming from the unit shut it down and call for repair.
  • If ice is forming on the evaporator coil when the air conditioner is on or if the unit is not maintaining temperature, the unit is most likely low on refrigerant and you should call for repair.
  • It is recommended that an annual routine maintenance and inspection be performed on the system to help keep the unit working properly.


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